Field Pumpkins

Field Pumpkins



The field pumpkin, scientifically called cucurbita pepo, is an annual herbaceous plant. In Moldova, the vegetable is called field pumpkin, and the Cucurbita maxima is simply called the pumpkin. The plant originates from America, but in the present it is planted all over the globe for the fruit used in the diet.

Cucurbita pepo is a hanging plant, the length of which can be 10 meters long with a striped and knotted stem with large lobate, fluffy and corded leaves. The flowers are unisexual in yellow color and the calyx is united with the corolla.

Fruits are long and vary widely depending on variety. Pumpkin peel may show more colors but usually has tones from white to green to dark green. Bubble hybrids easily hybridize with other cucurbitaceae.

The field pumpkin is rich in water, about 93%, potassium, vitamin C and β-carotene.