Tomatoes are the main cultures of the solariums; two systems are practiced: the short cycle, which runs from 20 March to 5 April, until 15 to 20 July, and the long cycle is set up at the same time as the short cycle, but the abolition of the culture is done around 15 – 20 September.

The optimal rotation of tomatoes includes a 4-year break after solanacea. Otherwise, it is recommended to use hybrids resistant to the most frequent rotation diseases such as: miotic wilt, suberification of roots, fusarian wilt.

For short and field crops, varieties / hybrids with determined and semi-definite growth are used, and for long-lasting greenhouse and sunflower cultivars, varieties / hybrids with unlimited growth (undetermined) are grown.

Traditionally, tomatoes are harvested when they have reached biological maturity, red color, but this type of harvest is no longer practiced in large vegetable farms due to the use of new tomato hybrids of high genetic value with POSTMATURING: harvested in fruit, the fruit reaches the commercial maturity without defects. For hybrids with postmultifying properties, harvesting is recommended – fruits begin to change color from light green to orange or light pink.