Apples are fruits harvested from July until the end of October.

We have more apple varieties, such as Golden, Idared, Granny Smith, etc.

After harvesting, sorting, anti-fungicides treatment, apples are stored in cold stores with normal atmosphere or controlled atmosphere. Storage cells can have storage capacities of 200 – 500 tons, but small cells of 100 – 200 cubic meters can also be installed. In empirical warehouses with artificial ventilation, if apples are stored in boxes, they are approx. 130 -150 kg / cubic meter

The palette chases, the most common case stack on 8 – 9 rows reaching 6.5 meters high, pouring to the ceiling a free space of 0.8 meters. The load reaches 195 – 220 kg / cubic meter or 1.4-1.7 tons / square meter of surface area. The distance to the walls of the deposit is 20 cm and between the stacks is left 5-10 cm. Filling a cell should end in 3 to 4 days.

The air temperature should be 0 to 4 degrees Celsius depending on the variety. The relative humidity of the air should be 88-92%.

3% oxygen, 3% carbon dioxide, and 94% nitrogen are stored in controlled atmosphere storage. The shelf life depends on variety, technological queries, etc., being between 140-150 days up to 210-24 days in the most resistant varieties and in controlled atmosphere warehouses.