The duration of the harvesting of strawberries is 13-28 days, except for remanufactured varieties. For immediate consumption or for industrialization, strawberries are harvested at full ripening, those intended for preservation or longer transport when they reach 50-70% of the typical pigmentation of the variety.

After harvesting, the packages are put in the shade and transported as quickly as possible in cold storage, long-or short-term. For keeping in cold storage, the load is 75-90 kg/cubic meter. Short-term preservation is done at 0 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity of the air 85-90%. In these conditions after 6-8 days the casualties were only 13.5% compared to 27-30% when they were kept at 7-9 degrees Celsius.

Capitalizing the strawberries is done in small packs of 0.5 kg (little baskets of plastic) or small wooden caskets with a maximum of 5-7 kg.